“Father of Video Games” Nolan Bushnell on Learning through Gaming

Produced by Tracy Oppenheimer for ReasonTV, camera by Alex Manning.

“People who play video games have much better computational skills, much better logic skills, much better search and cognitive skills than kids who don’t,” says Nolan Bushnell, author of Finding the Next Steve Jobs, founder of Brainrush, and the entrepreneur often described as the “father of video games.”

ReasonTV’s Tracy Oppenheimer caught up with Bushnell at the 2013 Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills, CA to discuss how video games can revolutionize education as well as Bushnell’s role in exploring this new frontier.

“One of the problems with school today is it’s boring to the kids who are used to these rapid action, very diverse kinds of thinking that you get in any of the video games,” says Bushnell. “What we really want to do, above all, is maintain passion and enthusiasm, because with passion and enthusiasm people can be life-long learners. They can be engaged in life. They can be happy.”