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Chris Voss: 5 Negotiation ‘Don’ts’ That Must Be Avoided – Entrepreneur

As FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss says in his viral masterclass on negotiation, all of us negotiate in some way every single day. Negotiation is the way by which we work with others, find win-wins and get things done, which can apply to everything from landing a reservation at a restaurant at the last minute to successfully closing a multi-million dollar deal within just a few meetings. There are many popular books on negotiation from which you can learn exactly what to do, but those strategies weaken when you also succumb to negotiation “don’ts.” These sneaky mistakes happen to the best of us, but must be avoided in order to have a successful negotiation and to get what you want out of the situation.

This can apply to negotiating salary, coming to terms for a business deal or partnership, hiring a contractor or any of your other business or financial needs. Everything is a negotiation. In fact, 70% of managers see an offer of a salary and benefits as a starting point that’s up for negotiation. Price and features are all relative, and others are more open to negotiation than you may believe. Avoid these mistakes to get more of what you want from a conversation.

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Nolan Bushnell: The Evolution of the Gaming Industry – Yahoo Finance

The gaming industry was already doing well, generating more than $120 billion in 2019. Then came 2020: The (first) year of lockdowns, social distancing and just overall deadly pandemic vibes. A June report by Newzoo found that the global gaming market would generate $159.3 billion in revenue in 2020, representing a more than 9.3% increase over the previous year. If this upward trend continues — and gaming-related sales indicate it will — 2021 could be even more astronomically profitable for this increasingly mainstream market.

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Jim Kwik in Forbes: Unlocking the Potential of the Human Brain

Every week I meet exceptional executives, leaders who know how to leverage technology to deliver exceptional results for their companies and customers. They succeed by figuring out how to make technology work for everyone in their organizations, especially for their customers. They appear focused, motivated and effective.

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Sony Launches Impossible Science YouTube Channel with Jason Latimer

Sony Pictures Television is launching a YouTube channel with magician Jason Latimer that will fuse illusions with science. The channel is called Impossible Science.

In his first series of original videos, Impossible Science: At Home, Latimer aims to inspire curiosity through experiments and lessons, some featuring special celebrity guests through Zoom.

In an exclusive first look at the channel, Latimer shows viewers how to use weights to make it look like a pencil is floating. Check out the video above.

The series and channel is being produced through WonderFirst by Jason Latimer and Dustin Gould in association with Sony Pictures Television. Stacey Crawford is the series producer.

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Nolan Bushnell featured in acclaimed Game Doc, “High Score” on Netflix

Pac-man was conceived in a pizza shop. Interchangeable game console cartridges were created by a black man. These facts and more I discovered after spending a good part of my 8-hour sleep requirement watching Netflix’s game documentary, High Score. A limited six episode series of ~40 minutes each.

From the second the Netflix documentary starts, it is almost a race to the end. Fast paced. Thrilling. Leaving you wanting more. Just like a well developed game would.

A beautifully narrated story is woven in each story with insanely fluid art direction and animation revealing the lives and times of some of the most famous game creators and the roles they have played in the now bustling, cult-like gaming culture of the world. From the legendary arcade game, Pac-Man’s random conception by Toru Iwatani- in a pizza shop- to dispelling preconceptions of violent games being a millennial phenomenon, the documentary is Mario on Nat Geo Wild in a Tesla.

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Kenny Aronoff Remembers His Friend Neil Peart: ‘Everything Had a Purpose’

When Kenny Aronoff wanted a foreword for his 2016 memoir Sex, Drums, Rock ‘n’ Roll!: The Hardest Hitting Man in Show Business, he went right to his friend Neil Peart. “I wanted someone who understood me,” Aronoff recalls to Billboard. “We had met and he had similar tastes in all kinds of things so I felt he’d be best for the job.” The two had met when Peart asked Aronoff — whose voluminous credits include John Mellencamp, Chickenfoot, Smashing Pumpkins and, most recently, John Fogerty, Joe Satriani and Jerry Lee Lewis — to play on his two Burning for Buddy albums during the mid-’90s. They stayed in touch ever since, and in the wake of Peart’s death he recalls their friendship and Peart’s impact and influence.

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Pablos Holman in FORTUNE: How to Avoid Winding Up as Pets for A.I. Robots

Speaking at Fortune’s CEO Initiative conference on Tuesday, the futurist and inventor gave a condensed history of humankind that highlighted what he described as the essentially positive influences of technology. In the millions of years since hominids first arrived, we have been making tools and “inventing solutions to the hard technical problems that kept people from thriving,” he said.

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Kenny Aronoff featured in celebrity benefit concert: America Salutes You Guitar Legends II

AXS TV proudly presents the premiere of the star-studded benefit concert America Salutes You: Guitar Legends II, airing Sunday, March 24 at 9pE/6pP. This marks the second consecutive year that the Network has served as the production partner and cable home of the popular concert. Guitar Legends II is the third in a series of events raising funds and awareness for charities dedicated to brain and mental wellness of America’s veterans and first-responders, orchestrated by America Salutes You—a non-profit foundation specializing in benefit concerts for active military, veterans, and their families. The night’s beneficiaries include The Elizabeth Dole Foundation, The David Lynch Foundation, Headstrong, and Entertainment Industries Council.

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