Jason Latimer teams up with San Diego Science Center for first ever integration with Magic


Jason Latimer The World Champion of Magic has teamed up with the Rueben H. Fleet Science Center in San Diego, CA to produce the new live show experience “Perception: See Beyond the Illusion.

During a special limited engagement this summer, audiences at the Rueben H. Fleet Science Center will experience effects such as shaping water, bending light, walking through solid objects, liquids that defy gravity, and countless other illusions all rooted in applied science all performed by “one of magic’s most gifted creators” (Genii Magazine).

“Perception: See Beyond the Illusion” collides science with wonder! Latimer will take audiences through the process of bringing impossible situations to life through wonder. By combining applied science with the right question Jason has created effects that no one ever thought could ever exist. This new live show combines Jason’s illusion performances with physics, psychology, chemistry, mathematics and technology while immersing the audience in the Science Center’s iconic eight-story wraparound projection environment for an amazing mind melting, visual blowout!

Jason Latimer, three time World Champion of Magic and recent winner of the BBC One specials “The Magicians,” created Perception with his love for applied sciences and his recent TEDxTalk “Seeing Beyond the Illusion of Knowledge” at the New York Stock Exchange. As the creator to all of his illusions, Latimer loves to remind his audience “all the effects in the show were considered impossible at one time. They were just impossible situations with no solutions until one person questioned it…till one person wondered beyond their answers. Whether its an illusion or not, the right question changes everything.”

The Rueben H. Fleet Science Center is dedicated to inspire lifelong learning by furthering the public understanding and enjoyment of science and technology. Latimer’s “Perception: See Beyond the Illusion,” is a fun and exciting addition to the center reminding to all ages to never stop questioning and to embrace wonder. The reality of science is that the world is a very magical place to those inspired to be curious. “Perception: See Beyond the Illusion” inspires wonder.

“The world was not shaped by its answers, it was shaped by its questions. And that next question could come from any of us.” –Jason Latimer