Our Jason Latimer will be starring as a judge with Penn & Teller on the new “Wizard Wars” TV show on SYFY


Jason Latimer is an American illusionist best known for starring in the six live British television specials on BBC One’s The Magicians, and winning the competition. Latimer has developed a style of magic on an unprecedented level. With 17 consecutive championship titles and awards for his work, including the highest award and honor the world of magic can bestow on an individual – the prestigious title of “The Grand Prix ‘Best Overall’ World Champion of Magic.”

His live show is a spectacle, offering effects such as shaping water into objects then popping them, bending light with his bare hands, levitating liquids, animating drawings on his skin, forming smoke and countless other jaw-dropping effects. His groundbreaking advancements and contributions in the fields of performance, design and applied sciences have redesigned not only his art but the way one thinks.