Revealing women’s secret traits to compete in business

By CAL Entertainment Exclusive Speaker, Jill Belconis

To all the women out there—you do know that we have an advantage over men if we’re not afraid to show our female traits!! And men, you need to read carefully because you can learn from this and use it your advantage, too.

So, what are these gifts women have been given? No, I’m not talking about our physical traits, but I suppose that does help!! Actually, women should not be fearful about being feminine, but of course, in a professional way. I’m talking about our ability to be strong and decisive, yet not having to be tough and mean. The recent movie “Horrible Bosses” depicted women bosses as being exactly that, HORRIBLE. Women don’t need to be that way to be successful. Being sensitive and truly caring about others is such a wonderful way to build trust and loyalty in relationships, whether with employees, peers or customers. Most people are attracted to and more willing to work for or with someone who has a kind heart.

How many women think they are intuitive about people or situations? I believe this can provide guidance and it usually comes from previous experiences. Somehow we store all of these experiences in a data bank inside our brains, and it sends a “feeling” when we need it most. Some might think it’s a sign of weakness or just plain silly, but I’m not afraid to let my gut help me. Usually, if you have a bad feeling about something, there’s a reason for it and you tend to find out later what that is. So, acting with intuition is a clear advantage.

These are just a few of the gifts women have been given. There are many more….I’ll be happy to reveal them all and how women can use them to succeed in business. And men, you might just surprise us when you start showing us your “other” side!