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Kenyon Salo

Kenyon Salo

Thunderstorm Team Skydiver for all Denver Broncos home game pre-game shows Adventurer, High Energy Speaker and Facilitator. Creator of The Bucket List Life


Kenyon Salo is one of the top trainers, facilitators and keynote speakers in the fields of adventure, leadership, team building, sales, customer service and inspiration/motivation. Known as the James Bond of Motivational Speaking. He is also available as a virtual speaker.

One of only five members on the Denver Broncos Thunderstorm Skydive Team, he is seen each week flying into the Denver Broncos Stadium at 60+mph, ending with a soft tip-toe landing on the ten yard line. He brings to the stage over 20+ years of successful audience engagement through humor, awe-inspiring moments, prolific storytelling, and ‘edge-of-the seat’ content.

Great For Events Focused On:

  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Leadership
  • Adventure
  • Sales
  • Customer Service






Three Core Principles

Create more. Share more. Live more.

The Bucket List Life Keynote is built off the above three core principles that have helped Kenyon design a fulfilling life of travel, adventures, meaningful interactions, and achieving his dreams.

The entire presentation is structured around these three simple steps that anyone can do to set them on a path to accomplish what they desire in life, both personally and professionally.

Prior to the engagement, Kenyon Salo finds out the event theme from the organizer so he can tailor his delivery to fit the needs of the client.




  • Format: Keynote Presentation
  • Duration: 60, 75, or 90 minutes

Program Summary

This high energy, opening or closing keynote session, will perfectly set the stage or beautifully wrap up any event.

Powerfully delivered by Kenyon Salo, known as the “James Bond of Speaking,” attendees will learn how the three simple concepts of The Bucket List Life will help guide them through finding fulfillment through their life-long journey. They will see the creation of phenomenal experiences, share powerful stories, and ultimately feel the gratifying impact of helping others along the way.

The Bucket List Life and Kenyon will help attendees elevate their lives, both personally and professionally.

Designed To Be Memorable And Engaging

The overall design of the presentation is tailored to satisfy the event’s values, standards, and goals in an impactful way using techniques to connect with audience members in all three learning categories: Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic.

The ultimate goal is that attendees end the day feeling strong, positive and empowered knowing that they have simple, actionable tools for success!

  • Visual: Multimedia experience of powerful images and videos to enhance the message and ideas of the presentation so people see the value of what life has to offer and how they can achieve any goal.
  • Auditory: Compelling stories that include humor, touching moments, and life lessons that connect with people cognitively for many ‘A-Ha’ moments and take-aways.
  • Kinesthetic: Facilitated audience movement around the room and interactions with other event attendees to really ‘feel’ the power of connections and how their lives matter to themselves and to others.

By touching on all the different learning styles in a single presentation, it ensures that this keynote is memorable long after the event is over and that every attendee is able to process the overall message in a way that resonates with themselves in the deepest way possible.

Tailored To Impact Everyone By Understanding Personality Motivations

The presentation intentionally implements aspects of Dr. Taylor Hartman’s ‘Four Color Personality Types’ to help inspire excellence and impact everyone in the room individually, by speaking to the core motives and natural talents that everyone experiences as human beings.

Reds – Desire For Power

Reds are the leaders and power-wielders of society.

This keynote has moments that reaffirm and inspire the action needed to be taken in order for reds to create momentum within themselves, their work, and their community.

Reds tend to struggle with finding balance in their life and expressing compassion which can be important keys to ascending to new levels of success which the keynote addresses through the power of connecting with and helping others. This process shows them the true fulfillment they desire.

Blues – Desire For Connection

Blues value community and relationships above all else.

During the presentation, Kenyon Salo gives actionable steps that blues can take to help them achieve the deeper connections that they desire – this includes a deeper connection within themselves.

Blues often struggle with control, resent, trust, and feeling underappreciated. The keynote is designed to help these people understand the importance of living life on their terms while providing ideas on how to become more fulfilled serving others, as well as promote awareness to attendees with different personality types on how they can best support blues.

Whites – Desire For Peace

Whites avoid confrontation and ultimately desire peace. They tend to be great analytical thinkers and problem solvers.

This personality type tends to struggle with breaking out of their comfort zone as well as self-expression which can hinder their ability to achieve the solutions to their problems, in both their personal and professional lives, that will bring them the peace they yearn for deeply. Ultimately, whites get stuck on the ‘data’ of life which leads to ‘paralysis by analysis’.

Through the creation of new experiences and connecting more deeply with others, Whites can begin to fully voice their ideas and feelings and break this paralysis so that they achieve fulfillment through finding peace with the world and themselves.

Yellows – Desire For Excitement

Yellows love fun and tend to be the life of the party. Their energy is magnetic and they bring enthusiastic charisma to all they meet.

While these people are extremely sociable, they often fail at staying committed and struggle to form deep relationships which can detract from the intrinsic human need of being accepted and praised. As a result, the incredible energy they bring to the world can be fleeting and under-appreciated.

In the keynote, these people are served by providing steps for Yellows to think outside themselves and connect more intimately with those around them by asking the right questions and creating meaningful shared experiences.

Additionally, it gives them a simple structure which they ultimately desire. In doing so, they will discover a type of excitement that is more fulfilling than they could have ever imagined.




Kenyon kicks off the keynote with a bang by getting attendees out of their seats, high fiving their neighbors, and celebrating each other for being at the event.

Following the dynamic start, Kenyon Salo solicits an agreement from the audience to provide their undivided attention for the remainder of the presentation while setting expectations of how the keynote has the potential to change their lives should they choose to fully participate.

At this point, the true keynote begins as Kenyon brings everyone into his world by taking them on a journey through his first NFL stadium skydive demo with the Denver Broncos Team Thunderstorm. This entertaining story helps Kenyon segway seamlessly into the first principle and allows for the audience to learn more about who he is, what he believes in, and provides an example of how anyone can actualize their dreams when they commit themselves to living a Bucket List Life.

Step 1: Create More Experiences

The first principle of living the life people truly desire is to focus on the self by creating new experiences that allow anyone to grow into their dreams and break-free from the comfort zone that keeps themselves chained to their old habits.

In this section, Kenyon uses a 8-foot ladder (when applicable) to demonstrate the process of freeing oneself from the environment that holds people back in order to take advantage of the things that will help them achieve the dreams and goals they desire most in life.

Immediately following this powerful display, he facilitates group interaction by having attendees move about the room to partner up and connect with someone they don’t know. He prompts several questions to help the audience analyze what experiences they’d like to explore and has several volunteers share with everyone before offering a sobering outlook on the importance of doing those things sooner than later.

He concludes this section with a video of a recent experience that helped him find a new passion and gain a deeper relationship and connection with his own mother.

Step 2: Share More Stories

The second principle is to share more stories as a way to foster meaningful interactions with the people that they come across in their day to day lives. This step is important because people live in a world that is more connected than ever and somehow more lonely than ever. Through exchanging stories and creating shared experiences, people are able to communicate more deeply and easily which is fundamental for connecting with others and overall success in life.

In this section, Kenyon Salo talks about the significance of how stories have played in the development of modern society and how people’s everyday exchanges with others can deeply impact their lives, as well as other’s lives, for the better.

He then goes on to share a personal story about how a seemingly ordinary day with his daughter turned into a moment that they both will remember forever. It touches upon the importance of being present and appreciating the little moments in life that go on to paint the bigger picture that anyone can and will someday look back on.

After Kenyon shares, he facilitates more audience interaction by having attendees find new partners to satisfy the next prompt in regards to sharing stories. After the partners share with each other he then facilitates a group share where he has several volunteers share the stories of their partners. This has commonly lead to extremely powerful, unscripted and heart touching moments at past events.

He adds some final takeaways on stories before showing another video that highlights the stories that have been created, in recent times, by his Bucket List Life community.

Immediately following the video, Kenyon asks the audience about what parts of the video resonated most with them. The answers naturally lead into the next section as he unpacks part of the short montage, from the video, featuring a 96 year old woman by the name of Peggy.

Step 3: Live More Fulfilled

The final principle is to live more fulfilled through helping others. After someone has grown from their new experiences and connected more deeply with others through sharing stories, they will be empowered to give back to other people through their actions and acquired wisdom, which is one of the greatest things someone can do to find fulfillment in this life.

This section kicks off with Kenyon having attendees return to their original chairs before bringing their attention to the metaphorical journey that they had just completed during the process of the entire event.

He proceeds to breakdown the power of helping others through impactful stories and the positive physiological effects of committing acts of goodwill towards the people around them.

The final powerful tool Kenyon shares, during this part of the presentation, is a story and video of how he helped a dear friend bring a selfless dream to life which would prove to become a heart-touching part of her legacy after losing her battle with Ovarian cancer.

At this point, there tends to be sniffles emerging through the deep silence which proves to be a stark contrast and juxtaposition to the roar of laughter and adventure moments experienced throughout the majority of the keynote. Kenyon tactfully and gracefully livens the mood up through tasteful humor and finding the silver-lining of this story.

“The speaker this morning was Kenyon Salo and his presentation was awesome! It was very motivational. I believe all of the people in the room were very motivated and enjoyed the conversation. Kenyon’s energy was very high and he did a really good job of keeping the audience engaged. I would highly recommend Kenyon to other events. The energy and the motivation he brings to the room, there’s no event that he would not do well at.”

– Cybil Lovas


Kenyon Salo’s number one priority towards the end of his keynote is to drive home everything the attendees have just experienced over the previous timeframe to get them fired up to act on the three principles of living a Bucket List Life.

He ends the presentation on a high note through one final metaphorical story experience that is sure to leave everyone feeling inspired, motivated, and energized to embark on their path to excellence and fulfillment, both personally and professionally!