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Led Zepagain

Led Zepagain

Mentalist, Illusionist. TV Personality, Award Winning Performer. Bestselling Author.


Since the band`s inception in 1989, Led Zepagain has become highly regarded as the most authentic representation of Led Zeppelin in the world today.

In January of 2004, Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page himself attended a Led Zepagain show at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. He was absolutely astonished at the bands accuracy stating “It’s amazing how much you sound like us. You must have grown up on this because you were inside the music, and you paid attention to detail in your presentation…I can tell you guys really love the music!” This encounter led to the members of Led Zepagain attending Led Zeppelin`s 2007 Reunion Concert at London`s O2 Arena and a surprise visit from Jason Bonham in March of 2009 as he sat in with the band on their encore performance of the song “Rock and Roll”

Having played nationally and internationally in such places as Japan, Ireland, Germany, Bosnia, Peru, Canada, Mexico City and Guam,Led Zepagain regularly performs to packed houses all over the world. Come on out and see what Jimmy was talking about.