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Quixotic, conceived by founder Anthony Magliano is an ensemble of artists from various disciplines including aerial acrobatics, dance, fashion, film, music and visual f-x.


For the past five years, Kansas City based group Quixotic has created a full spectrum of music with sounds rich in electronic tones that soar and twist from emotive rich classical string progressions to driving tribal dance music.
Composer Anthony Magliano, along with an award winning band including violinist Shane Borth, keyboardist/vocalist Laura Scarborough, drummer Brandon Draper and Rick Willoughby on Bass, create music with instrumental foundations and diversity that is meant to inspire movement with in the group’s other half; dancers, multi media designers, and aerialists.
Quixotic’s use of effects, synths and laptops harness technology in a unique way that’s never been seen, or heard before. The innovative musical technology is combined with the fierce and organic rhythm section to create a marriage between two musical worlds within the five piece band. This musical combination creates a foundation for the dancers, aerialists and multi media designers to freely explore themselves creatively. Thus resulting in a full sensory experience like none other.
As one half of the original duo that co founded Quixotic in 2004, artistic director Anthony Magliano has proven to be a passionate creative force dedicated to the ongoing evolution of the ensemble since its inception. His artistic sensibilities find their relentless drive within his roots as a percussionist and composer but extend beyond music and sound into visual design and the limitless potential of theatrical technology. In defying boundaries and constantly seeking new forms of self expression, Magliano has crafted an award winning career from artistic eclecticism.
Mica Thomas received his BFA in Theater from Southern Oregon University. Mica attended the Masters program in Lighting Design at Penn State University where he won the 2004 Creative Achievement Award, for showing excelled artistic ability. Mica’s artistic ventures include a wide variety of types of projects such as Lighting Dance, Installation Art, Painting, Masonry, Photography, Event Lighting, Theatre Lighting, Interior Lighting Design, and Concert Lighting. This is his third year working with Quixotic and he is very excited to be a part of this new and intriguing way of approaching the performance arts.