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Richard Greene

Richard Greene

World Renowned Communication Coach, Bestselling Author, Top Speaking Coach, "The Master of Charisma" - London Times


“I’d recommend Richard Greene. The best I’ve ever seen at this stuff; he can produce dramatic improvements in a short time. I’ve worked with a lot of executive presence/presentation skills coaches and he is miles above any other! Best regards,”
Talent Development | Global HR

“Richard Greene is the best idea guy in America”
– Val Nicholas
Vice President at NBC News
VP/Director of Creative Director at NBCUniversal

“Masterful, masterful, masterful job! Just what we were looking for”
— Dick Massimilian
Oasis Petroleum

Called “The Master of Charisma” by the Sunday Times of London, Richard Greene is considered one of the leading communication coaches in the world.  His bestselling book, “Words That Shook The World” released by Prentice-Hall in 2002 is currently in its second printing and is considered one of the most essential books used in communications courses around the world in leading Universities.

An attorney by trade from USC Law School, Richard left the practice of law to share his communication breakthroughs with presidents, prime ministers, political candidates, CEOs and CFOs of Fortune 500 companies, attorneys, judges, actors, and marketing professionals among others in over 25 countries. The work includes message development, media training, speech writing, and speech coaching. The work also extends to helping clients overcome the fear of  public speaking, a service he provided to Princess Diana and continues to provide to major politicians, business leaders and professional speakers today.

Richard’s uncanny ability to “read” “body language” and analyze all aspects of human communication propelled him to the forefront of television coverage of key news events. Making well over 500 personal appearances on over 30 national and international programs, including CNN, NBC and ABC News, “Nightline”, “Good Morning America”, The BBC, ITN and Sky Channel.

He has commented on Bill Clinton’s impeachment crisis, The O.J. Simpson Trial, The Scott Petersen Trial and many other issues. As one of the very few Americans to attend Princess Diana’s funeral, Richard provided live commentary from London for NBC and Fox. As many of the networks’ political speech analyst, Richard covered the 1996, 2000 and 2004 Republican and Democratic National Conventions and analyzed the presidential debates for USA Today. As Guest Host of “Live From 125″ Richard interviewed Senators, Congresspersons and other major news personalities” and provided commentary for ABC Radio Networks

In addition to private consultations, Richard has conducted over 100 international lecture tours, leading workshops for The United Nations, The World Health Organization, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, The Young Presidents Organization, The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals Judicial Conference, The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, The House of Lords, and such worldwide corporate clients as Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Sandia National Laboratories, Kirkland & Ellis, KLM Airlines, NBC, ESPN, The Hollywood Reporter. Sheraton Hotels and The Walt Disney Company.  Richard served as the Senior Judge on the TLC (The Learning Channel) series, “The Messengers”, dedicated to finding America’s next great motivational speaker.



1. Words That Shook The World: 100 Years of Unforgettable Speeches and Events –  Based on his Prentice Hall Press publication released October 1, 2002,, Richard takes audiences on a magical tour through the best, most inspirational speeches of the PAST 100 YEARS. century. We learn cadence and delivery from John F. Kennedy’s “Ich Bin Ein Berliner” speech, the secret of how to motivate an audience from Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream”, the secrets of generating credibility and “gravitas” from Winston Churchill’s “Blood, Sweat, Toil and Tears” speech, the awesome power of emotion and humility from Lou Gehrig’s “I Am The Luckiest Man” address at Yankee Stadium and further lessons from 16 other global masters of communication.

– Keynote Address, Seminar, Interactive Workshop

2. The “Science of Charisma”: The 7 Secrets of Public Speaking with “Make-Over” Demonstrations –  Every participant’s communication and presentation skills (“body language”, word usage and voice tone) are dramatically improved. By simply adjusting a few words, the tone of voice or some tiny aspects of their body language, Richard, with the help of the audience, turns scared, mediocre speakers into dynamic, charismatic personalities.  This workshop builds on an goes much deeper into the same content and teachings from Richard’s Keynote Speech: “5 Secrets to becoming an Amazing Speaker/ Communicator”.

– Interactive Workshop

3. The 3 Messaging Secrets that Swept Donald Trump to The White House . . . and how to use them in your business and your career.

4. “5 Secrets to becoming an Amazing Speaker/ Communicator” – Richard has boiled down the secrets of the world’s greatest speaker’s speaking and communication skills, charisma and charm into 5 easy to understand steps that will educate you on how to become an amazing speaker and communicator.

– Keynote Address

5. “People Reading” and The Art of Body Language –  As a performance coach for executives, politicians, celebrities and on-air talent, Richard focuses heavily on the little nuances in body language that can create hugely different impressions and results.

This workshop presents a brief overview of the “People Reading” tools that enable executives and managers to get enormously valuable information about how to best interact with prospective and present employees, co-workers, clients, prospects, and even spouses and children.

– During the session, everyone will learn to: Identify the 4 basic personality types from the way they walk, talk and even to where their eyes go when they’re thinking;
– Spot when someone is being untruthful;
– Interpret dozens of revealing body language “statements” that typically go completely unnoticed.

Perhaps most importantly, everyone learns how to make the tiny changes in their own body language that communicate confidence, authority and power.

– Keynote Address, Interactive Workshop

6. The Woodbreaking Empowerment Workshop –  As a metaphor for “breaking through”, but mainly because it is tremendously exciting, every person on the team has the experience of literally breaking a 3/4″ thick wood board with their bare hands.

The workshop starts with exercises in mind-over-matter and martial art skills that will amaze even the most skeptical. Then we move to exercises that teach the specific tools required to break the board effortlessly – balance, centering, breathing and mental focus. And then, with everyone cheering everyone else on – even the scared and the timid – each person breaks through. By the end of the workshop the participants realize that they are capable of achieving what they once thought impossible.

– Interactive Workshop

7. “Mental Aerobics” –  Games and experiential exercises, based on Richard’s workbook, to stretch or blow the mind and teach participants how to think “outside the box”. Everyone learns how to be more creative and to “see” themselves, their jobs and their life in new and inspiring way.

– Conference Breaks, Keynote, Interactive Workshop


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