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Sam Glenn

Sam Glenn

Author, Artist Award Winning Speaker


“When we think better, we authentically become better.”

It was never my intent or goal to become a motivational speaker. In fact, I remember being so afraid of public speaking that I would take zeroes and F’s in college whenever a presentation was required. Eventually, I found the courage to step out of my comfort zone and fell in love with encouraging others to think better for themselves and their organization.

The core of my entire program is designed to recharge, rekindle and inspire new levels of optimism, purpose, engagement, resilience, and teamwork.

Now, that may sound super simple on paper, but the actual steps on how to empower others without creating toxic positivity in your organization is a process that I have developed over three decades. My approach is engaging, fun, artistic, and provides actionable content that can be implemented immediately both personally and proffesionlly.

“If you want to improve your organization, it starts by improving your people.”

Since 1998, I have had the privilege of speaking to just about every industry you can imagine. The leaders and organizations who hire me the most are the ones that are passionate about rooting for the success of their people.  The bottom line is they care about others and understand that if the organization is going to get better, it starts with helping others get better.


My program is a component that reinforces the value of your mission.  I believe in the power of recognition, empowerment, and getting people excited about the work they do.  Plus, it is so nice to create a moment where everyone can relax, recharge and just feel good.

Things Were Not Always Picture Perfect…

At one time I was homeless, depressed, defeated and negative. Sadly, my biggest weakness was my attitude. Instead of choosing an attitude that worked for me, I continued to make my life worse by choosing an attitude that defeated me – my health, my work and my relationships. I got by doing odd jobs, slept on borrowed floor space and many nights in my 82 Buick Regal who I called, “Betsy.”
I knew I needed to make some major changes, but didn’t know where or how to start that process. Eventually, I had a few life changing experiences that became defining moments for me.
It was a chance encounter at a buffet, where I accidentally knocked over the legendary Zig Ziglar. Yes…ZIG ZIGLAR!  Mr. Ziglar became an encouraging friend who helped me improve the quality of my attitude. We didn’t hang out at buffets together, but we enjoyed some great talks over the phone and coffee that helped reshape my attitude for the better. Today, my talks all focus on one key aspect – the driver of everything – ATTITUDE!  Attitude is the core that drives our choices and behaviors.  In fact, my number one most requested keynote talk to date is Attitude Changes Everything.  (It’s a really good speech and highly recommend it.)

A Little Inspiration Can Change Your Life and Work…

The number one comment I hear after “every speech” I deliver is, “I needed that!”
The truth is we all do. Inspiration is energy, fuel and feeds our resilience. The organizations who hire me the most believe in their people and want to see them performing at their best, so they make inspiration a priority. Inspiration is not just a bunch of FLUFF.  Inspiration is POSITIVE POWER.  It is fuel for enthusiasm, engagement and excellence. I have written over 30 books on personal and professional development and all of my research proves that inspiration brings what we do to life. The partnership of inspiration with education, skills and talent can truly bring about a positive impact in an organization, team, and workplace.

Sam Glenn Has Become One of The Most Inspirational Speakers Today 

“I didn’t set out to be the best motivational speaker in the world. I simply wanted to make a difference.  You don’t have to be perfect to make a positive contribution.  You just have to be willing and start small. Eventually, the little things add up.”  – Sam Glenn

Sam Glenn is most notably sought after for his captivating kick off and wrap up general session speeches. Sam’s award-winning speeches set a positive and energetic tone that gets audiences engaged and ready to learn, grow and have fun. Audiences gravitate to his humor, relate to his stories and embrace his relevant ideas for improving their personal and professional life. For nearly three decades, Sam Glenn’s inspirational and artistic speeches have impacted audiences of all sizes – some as large as 75,000 people at stadium events.

Speaker of the Year
Sam Glenn has been honored by being named Speaker of the Year on several occasions by meeting and event organizations and won two national awards for his training videos. He is the author of more than 30 personal and professional development books. Hundreds of organizations use Sam’s videos – weekly – to kick off their staff meetings and cultivate positivity in the workplace. Sam’s Motivated by Art © Training has become the new buzz in creating engagement in the workplace. Not only does his creative art bring energy to the walls in any workplace, but the art is used for training purpose to enrich the quality of personal and professional performance.

A Different Kind of Speaker
What makes Sam different than most is he works with you to create and customize an unforgettable message that sticks with your group long after the event is over. Sam weaves his very uplifting story into his topics, which revolve around attitude, empowerment, leadership, peak performance, employee engagement, transformation, customer service, and teamwork. Sam Glenn is an expert at igniting personal and professional positivity.

A Devoted Father and Husband
Sam’s most rewarding title in life is being called “Dad” by his three kids and husband by his superhero wife. They currently reside in Indianapolis. However, Sam is originally from Minnesota.

Motivated by Art ©

Finding the Masterpiece in the Mess
If you are looking for a fun and uplifting message that highlights valuable insights into wellness, resilience, and living a better life… this is it! No boring PowerPoint presentations here! Award-Winning Keynote Speaker and Best Selling Author, Sam Glenn offers a creative and fun way to educate and inspire his audiences through art. Sam is the only performance artist who delivers a captivating and unforgettable speech while he paints. This is not a speed painting, but rather an uplifting experience to encourage, energize, and celebrate resilience.
Bonus: The artwork belongs to you when Sam is done!

The Focus: This customized speech is largely focused on resilience. Resilience is not only something we aspire too, but something we celebrate with recognition. The way we reinforce a deeper value and appreciation for resilience is the acknowledgment of how far we have come and the encouragement to keep going.
From Mess to Masterpiece: Life can be messy, filled with changes, challenges, and uncertainty. However, with the right perspective, we can discover the meaning, message, and masterpiece in the mess.
At one time, Sam’s life was a mess. Sam went from mopping floors at night – negative, depressed, and living in an ’82 Buick Regal – to discovering purpose, resilience, art, and one contagious sense of humor. Sam is a self-taught abstract artist who uses his own original art concepts to communicate that life can be messy, but with the right perspective, we can discover an uplifting message and masterpiece within our messes.
Sam’s love of art has inspired millions and continues to make a difference by raising over $100k a year for special causes through charitable auctions.
Finding the Masterpiece in the Mess: A mess can be defined as change, pressure, uncertainty, a bad day, or anything that just throws you off track. We can all agree, that life can be messy from time to time, so how we think in the mess determines if things stay a mess or if things become something better. When we think better, we make our work and life better.
So, can we really learn something helpful and be inspired by a simple painting? You bet! Sam Glenn is living proof. His clients love his presentations and hire him over and over and over again! They trust him to deliver excellence. Contact us to discuss how we can create and customize an unforgettable experience for your group.

NEW! The Resilience Factor

Equipping yourself and others with the essential tools that keep us moving forward when things are uncertain, constantly changing, and continually challenging.
Imagine you and your team are preparing to climb a mountain, and you know it’s going to be a difficult climb in unpredictable weather and other circumstances.

On this climb, you expect setbacks, uncertainty, and stress but you are confident with the right tools and the right attitude you and your team will arrive at the peak safely. You have been inspired by pictures of other teams who have reached the peak and celebrated together, as a team. So, the question is, what mental and emotional tools do you pack to keep everyone on your team encouraged, focused, and resilient? What lessons can you learn from people who endured challenges in the past and achieved success?

In this session, Sam Glenn will highlight the key components of resilience that empower, encourage, and equip your team for a successful (metaphorical) mountain climbing expedition. Sam will share practical tips that can be implemented today to begin the process of immediate individual improvement (remove this comma) and ultimately succeed together as a team. A team is only as strong as its weakest climber, and Sam will share easy-to-implement ideas to strengthen your team as a whole.
Giving up is not an option, but working together is a choice we have the opportunity to make every day! When we continue to improve both personally and professionally, both individually and as a team, we can reach peaks that we never imagined were even possible. We do not choose to live in unpredictable times but we do choose, each day, how we will approach the day and the challenges that come with it. Our attitude is the defining factor not only in our own lives but in the lives of those around us.
Sam is an expert in inspiring resilience, sharing practical/easy to implement ideas, and rallying teams. Through humor and a one-of-a-kind art performance Sam keeps audiences captivated throughout his entire fully customized keynotes.
If anyone knows how to rally and inspire resilience, it’s Sam Glenn.  So contact our office and let us customize the right resilience message that hits a home run for your group and meeting.

Attitude Changes Everything
This is Sam Glenn’s most requested speech and for a good reason –  it’s awesome!  (Just ask our clients!)

“…the impact of Sam’s presentation was a feeling of joy that lasted well beyond the hour on screen.” – Executive Director, KSAE
We have all heard speeches on the topic of attitude, but we have a feeling this one is going to be a little different than what you are used too. Sam Glenn’s inspiring and artistic approach to educating and empowering will have you looking at your attitude in a whole new way.
If there is one thing for certain in life, it is that our attitude plays an incredible role in everything – both personally and professionally. Sam Glenn is considered one of the leading experts and authorities the subject of “attitude”, having written more than 30 books related to this subject. Attitude Changes Everything offers an enlightening, entertaining and educational exploration into how our attitude works, what creates it, feeds it, how to keep it healthy and finally ways to use your attitude to author positive experiences.

Sam’s speech will recharge your attitude like jumper cables to car battery.

This keynote breaks attitude down into  4 primary  components:

1: Adjustment – how to adjust our attitude, keep it headed in the right direction and fuel it with positive momentum.
2: Instillation –  what makes our attitude function so it works for us and rewards us.
3: Application – how to partner your attitude with your skills and efforts to achieve the best results.
4: Impact – how to measure the impact of your attitude – what’s working and what is not.

Depending on the customization, Sam will highlight some of the following learning points:

• How to strengthen your attitude with resilience in times of change, challenge and uncertainty.
• How to manage negative thoughts and encounters with others.
• The number one source for infusing your attitude with positivity
• How to author unforgettable stories and experiences for yourself and others with your attitude
• How to reduce stress, fatigue and the blahs with one simple 30 second trick.