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Dr. Kevin Elko

Dr. Kevin Elko

Major Bestselling Author of "Never Split The Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It" Negotiation Expert, Former FBI Lead Hostage Negotiator, Educator


A message from Kevin Elko…
There’s a feeling that’s shared by high achievers, winning teams and top sales professionals all over the world…
…it’s the feeling that nothing can stop you. Whether it’s past failures, mistakes, regrets, worries about the future, anxieties about money, health or relationships.
All of these are mere speed bumps on their fast track to overwhelming success and personal fulfillment. Dr. Elko has won Super Bowls and National Championships numbering in the double digits with these teams, including most recently; the Green Bay Packers last Super Bowl win and University of Alabama’s and Florida State’s National Football Championships in 2014 and 2015.
It’s the “in-the-zone” feeling of supreme confidence, almost a swagger, coupled with a peak optimism level, knowing that all outcomes are designed for their own betterment.

And it’s a feeling of universal kindness, of respect for their fellow man, that allows them to freely work toward their fullest talents and abilities, realizing their greatest potential.

I’m Dr. Kevin Elko, and it’s my mission to bring about this exact feeling in the people that hear me speak and experience my coaching first hand.
If you or your team of corporate professionals or athletes are ready to reach phenomenal new levels of success, then I invite you to hire me for a speaking engagement or series of on-site coaching sessions.

I’ve helped thousands of individuals, teams and organizations reach their maximum potential by sharing my wide range of programs and success strategies.

I can help your organization or team build a “foundation for winning”.
You’ll discover how to focus all your thoughts and your energy squarely on what you want to achieve.

When you do this correctly, you’ll be able to screen out the “mental clutter” that can derail your success. In fact, it’s this exact clutter that has caused even the most talented, gifted and even some of the hardest working people to fail in their life and work.

Keep this important statement in mind:
The circumstances and events taking place all around you are a direct reflection of your current thoughts and feelings…
Once you fully absorb this concept and begin to master your thoughts, manipulating them so that you can manifest ideal outcomes in all areas of your life, there is no limit to what you can accomplish.

Executives from the Fortune 500 as well as collegiate and professional coaches and athletes have my name and number in the front of their Rolodex.

Why? Because they know who to call when they want results. Whether it’s increased employee performance or a championship season.
Now it’s your turn! Whether it’s in business, academics, relationships, parenting, sports or any other aspect of life, I can help you learn to focus on your goals, work your process, and achieve your desired results.

Short topic recordings from Kevin Elko:

Dr. Kevin Elko is a nationally renowned Performance Consultant, Professional Speaker and Author.

Dr. Elko received his Bachelors in Biology Education and Coaching from California University of Pennsylvania. He then went on to West Virginia University where he received two Masters and a Doctorate and was later inducted into West Virginia University Hall of Fame.  He went on to intern at the United States Olympic Committee in Colorado Springs.

In the sports world, Dr. Elko has consulted with the University of Pittsburgh Athletic Department, University of Miami Football, Rutgers University Football, University of Nebraska Football, Louisiana State University Football and Women’s Basketball, University of Alabama Football, The Green Bay Packers, The Pittsburgh Steelers, The Pittsburgh Penguins, The Dallas Cowboys, The New Orleans Saints, The Cleveland Browns, The Miami Dolphins, The Buffalo Bills and The Philadelphia Eagles.  His presentations and personal consultations have had a major impact on the performance objectives of these teams and individual players.  He also developed a highly successful personality test that helped various professional football teams evaluate potential draft choices.

In the business world, Dr. Elko focuses on helping organizations in the areas of Leadership, Goal Setting, and various other motivational topics. His corporate clients have included ING, Tyson Foods, Abbott Labs, LPL Financial, The Hartford, Genworth, Jackson National Life, Pioneer Investments, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, and Sun Life just to mention a few.

Dr. Elko is the author of four books, Nerves of Steel, The Pep Talk, True Greatness: Mastering the Inner game of Business Success and Touchdown: Achieving Your Greatness on the Playing Field of Business and Life.




I’m Strong If You’re Strong: Leadership By Developing The Gifts of Your People and Shaping A Winning Culture

Structure drives function in every company, family, organization and team. As the leadership expert W. Edwards Deming has said, “Almost all problems an organization faces are systemic.” Therefore, it is crucial for the leader to shape the culture over and over in much the same way that an athlete shapes muscle.

In this seminar, the leader learns first how to address the emotions of the team and to excite the team with a vision and a personal connection. Then, by “keeping the main thing the main thing,” the leader learns how to maintain everyone’s focus on meaningful tasks. Finally, since there are keystone habits that act as fulcrums by which other good habits present themselves, the leader learns how to identify the keystone habits and to bring about a higher level of focus on them.

This entire process occurs because the leader creates a daily “go to” script, designing the words he or she speaks. Thus, the leader has developed organizational muscle and likewise created a winning culture.


To Do The Impossible, You Have To See The Invisible

The enemy of careers, marriages, schools and mental well being is boredom; today, many people are bored to death. The challenge becomes insurmountable when people start blaming their circumstances for this awful condition, but the cause is that they are not growing. In fact, through life people either just go or grow.

This talk expands on our CD series “To Do The Impossible, You Have To See The Invisible,” emphasizing very specific steps for growth: setting goals, visualizing these goals happening, and then speaking them into existence.

Many people do not achieve what they really want because they surrender to the “desire of the moment” as opposed to aspirations of the heart. However, this seminar will help you develop tools so you do not become distracted from your goals.

This highly demanding, interactive seminar will have you assess your gifts and put them into action in a clear process that will set you on a path to a fulfilling, goal-accomplishing year.


How to Achieve Greatness at Work and in Life

This seminar consists of four major points and four action items. First, from a research study conducted with MBA students at Harvard over ten years, those who have goals make twice as much over time as those who do not. And those who have written goals will (1) make ten times as much money and (2) are ten times as effective as those who do not (if you go on Google and type in goals/Harvard the study comes up). One either lives in circumstance or in vision. The first action step is to get a notebook and write goals daily.

Secondly, this seminar has the objective of clearing mental clutter. A person is effective when realizing “there are some things beyond my control and there are some things that are not.” When the vision/goals are clear, one is pulled to them, but what makes the vision fuzzy is mental clutter, or thoughts in our head about things we can do nothing about. This seminar has the objective to identify those thoughts that rob performance and joy on the job. The second action step is to develop a focus phrase that clears the mind and then to write it on a card supplied at the seminar that the participant can keep in a wallet or purse.

Third, the process of developing a “game plan” is discussed and ways in which the participant can adhere to one that is effective. A key to performance is to get to our day and start our process as early as possible and without emotion. Sport analogies are used here in the seminar to show how athletes approached their task without emotion but with intent of execution. Studies show that the productive advisor makes his or her first call before 9 a.m. to a possible client, where the mediocre advisor makes that same first call after 11 a.m. In other words, productive people start their process as soon as possible daily. The third action step is to develop a personal script to use when starting the day to visualize the process and to focus before starting each day.

Last, the concept of “claiming” the vision is important in this seminar. High-level performers know the effectiveness of asking and asking and asking. The mediocre performers assume that those around them read their mind and will give them what they want because they have presented something to them and that others can read their mind. People like to be asked and research shows that people usually will not respond until asked—to do whatever. The final action step is to leave the seminar and focus on asking for what one wants, or claiming it.


Nerves of Steel

This program addresses life-changing concepts by explaining the step-by-step process necessary to guide you. Dr. Elko teaches you how to be mentally tough when times call for it, and how to stay focused on the things that are truly important.

Although there has been much energy given to stress and how to handle it, the challenges of the stressful environment remain. Today’s workplace, be it an athletic field, a business office, or our home, is more stressful than ever and people report being less able to handle their environment now than any time in history. In his approach, Dr. Elko discusses the strategy necessary to develop Nerves of Steel. He points out the importance of intrinsic motivation and how to keep those motivators in front of you at all times. Dr. Elko discusses how to focus using specific self-talk and how to identify your internal Voice of Judgment (V.O.J.) and how to internally respond to it. Finally, to retain the information taught in this program, Dr. Elko explains how to give away the very thing you need…your “68”.

There is very little evidence that I.Q. alone is responsible for the success that an individual has in life. But one’s ability to focus through adversity, be creative and maintain motivation, all factors that are referred to as having “Nerves of Steel” has been known to have a significant influence on one’s success and satisfaction.


Vision for Victory

It is easy to sit and constantly analyze the problem along with the mass media. The winners however look for a solution. It is the difference between being an over-developed survivor or a developed achiever. This discussion presents a five-step system of first creating a vision of what you want to accomplish. Next we discuss techniques on how to make the vision clear and keep that vision in front of them daily. Next the participant is taught to remove the thoughts in their head that are keeping them from achieving their vision, which is called mental clutter. The third step is to develop and stay on a concrete process and techniques are shown so the participant does not vary. And finally, we discuss how to recognize and seize opportunities that enable the vision to be realized which we call “Claiming it”.

Seasons – Learning How to Deal with Change

These are not tough times they are changing times, this is a very important distinction because as one labels they tend to adopt a set of behaviors that follow their label. However, this truth does not necessarily make life easier because the fact of the matter is few really know how to change. Last week a woman who was in tears was describing how her mother was telling her how she has emphysema and cancer while she was smoking a cigarette. I do not think there is such a thing as will power, but there is a specific set of skills that one uses to change. This talk outlines how the participant identifies the changes in their world and develops mental strategies to do the changes needed to become effective again, they (1) develop a new vision, (2) clear thoughts away that are not the new vision and (3) adhere to a system that gets them to the vision including asking for business they are entitled to. This talk describes how we need a season of change in our life to address the current challenges.


The Three R’s (Retreat, Rethink, Respond) of Effective Communication

A sign hangs on the wall in the weight room at the University of Alabama football team:

Poor nutrition cannot be undone by over-training.

Similarly, poor interaction skills cannot be undone simply by mastering technology in your chosen field. Interaction is a skill paramount in every other field. For example, the 3 reasons people chose physicians are for (1) affability, (2) availability and (3)ability, in this order. Furthermore, people decide on #3, ability, based on #1, affability (i.e., likeability).

In addition, all winners use processes and systems: repeatable, observable behaviors.

This seminar has become a most requested favorite, especially of insurance companies and financial services companies handling the challenges of their field. This seminar is geared toward leaders and service people in the field, to enable them to take challenges and turn their challenges into wins.

“This is the best talk I ever heard.”
Testimony of Bryan Hubbard, Alpha Insurance


Connection – I See You As A Person

One of the best things you can do to improve yourself is to learn how to connect with people. Connection is simply defined as I see you as a person. The phrase used today to describe what is going on in society is extraverted loneliness, which means we are walking around in a crowded world yet people have never reported feeling more lonely and isolated. Connection is the answer to this dilemma – an intentional act to convey a message to our clients that they are seen as a person.

There is not enough education given to simple connection which is the reason why people go and eventually stay in relationships. It is also very important with teams and companies. In the absence of connection, fear usually rules. Fear is the great disabler, and it is more dangerous today because fear is so widespread.. With the present volatility of the financial markets, constant change is all fields, and the constant alarm message by the media, this is especially true in the corporate world. If the leader or the advisor can make each client feel valued and seen as an individual, all indication is there is not fear but confidence and strength. The biggest mistake is to treat clients and employees like commodities. Connection is learning to treat people like people and not numbers. You will be amazed at how it will change your level of success.

This workshop will help participants utilize tactics to connect to others. It teaches self-talk to help connect, listening skills (feel, felt, found) and the use of thank you.


Quit Wishing For Victory and Decide On It

In this seminar, we discuss how the words that come out of our mouth have a direct relationship to our health and our wealth.

We can go to the next level by changing what we speak – moreover, being intentional and having a “Go to Script” ready to start each day out having the words that will roll off our tongue all day planned. The phrases: keep the main thing the main thing, trust, nothing to gain nothing to fight for and fight weary are all suggested as words we can say “out loud:” all day long to improve our effectiveness.



Many people fail in areas of their lives because they understand something objectively but not subconsciously. This disconnect occurs because of The Human Limbic System, which controls all beliefs that drive our reactions that powers our behaviors. And, really, what else is there except for our beliefs which power our behavior? Some say that attitude is everything, but not many know that attitude is not a gene but rather a muscle needing exercise. And like any muscle, if it is not subjected to a workout every 48 to 70 hours, that muscle will atrophy, will shrink, thus becoming smaller and weaker.

At the University of Alabama in the weight room for the football team, with whom Dr. Elko works, hangs a sign over the doorway: “Overtraining will not undo poor nutrition.” Likewise, a person’s mastery of technology or of anything in life cannot “undo” a poor attitude. Strengthening that “attitude” muscle (which stems from one’s beliefs) comes only with constant exercise.

In his seminar, Dr. Elko discusses our beliefs and how we make them. He teaches participants how to develop the tools they need to exercise that attitude muscle, how to manage their belief system, how to strengthen and feed that attitude muscle in order to build it into the fabric of their being, so that development and growth take place subconsciously and continuously.


The Bold Gold Standard

When you see success, you will always see boldness. The Bold have a strong belief in one thing, they stay focused on that one thing and they go after it with all they have. Their energy comes from they believe in what they are doing and they believe in themselves and are unapologetic about it. They show up, and are counted and don’t expect to be handed a place at the table because they will take it. They are not arrogant in that they believe in others, will help others but only when they believe in and help themselves.
When they look at what was they interpret it as the things that happened made them stronger, more creative and resilient. They don’t think that the future happened to them but for them. However, they believe that the future will happen because of them – they take ownership. This is a Standard by those who have victory.
The characteristic you will see from them the most when watching them is they ask. They understand they will not receive unless they ask and so they don’t see a NO as rejection but part of YES because the more you ask the more you ear yes. They form relationships, determine needs, know how they can serve and ask for opportunity.

From The Presentation:

  • Establish the Standard your business will Elevate to.
  • Then as a leader exemplify that standard and tell those on your team to “Match You.”
  • B – Have a strong belief in your goals and vision.
  • O – Take ownership of all challenges.
  • L – Lean in and assert as a leader and business owner.
  • D – Deliver on all you say and do.